The Website Installer in our Besthosting Hosting Control Panel will provide you with a quick and simple method to set up a fresh website using a custom design in under a few minutes. It just takes just a few easy steps for your new site to be online. You’re able to make a choice from more than two hundred available site templates and just as soon as it is set, you’ll be able to maintain your new site with a click of the mouse. We are going to provide you with sign–in data for the admin area and you should be able to begin putting in brand–new website pages straight away. If perhaps, anytime, you need further instructions – our computer engineers will be available 24 hours, willing to aid you.

The Website Installer can be acquired with every shared hosting plans, VPS web hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offer coming using the Besthosting Hosting Control Panel.

An Immediate Webpage Installer

Release your site with simply a click of the mouse

If you’re not proficient in website coding, it can be difficult if you want to manage a site installation alone – if you do not make use of point & click website development tools just like Besthosting’s fast Website Installer that is incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel. To utilize the application, you simply need to choose a style and design theme for your site and afterwards set it up with a click. You don’t have to possess any development understanding to kickstart your site. You can integrate new webpages and submit text and pictures to them really effectively. If you do not like the adjustment you have made it is easy to revert it and repeat the process. It is all easy to control.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Design Themes In Your Hands

Install your brand new web site with only a mouse click

To help you get a brand new website on the Internet at the earliest opportunity, we’ve crafted a variety of web site templates from which to select. According to the topic of your web site, you will find a wonderful design theme for use on your blog or web gallery or maybe the most suitable layout for your portfolio. All themes are accessible for cost–free use in your Hosting Control Panel. We’ve been working to create new website themes as per the most current design trends to be able to provide you with a better option for your sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hours–a–day Support

Our website hosting representatives are at hand 24/7/365

The technical support crew consists of experts that have been working many years in the hosting sector. They are trained to take on all sorts of troubles and can be found night and day, happy to guide you. Moreover, we also have FAQ and plenty of video tutorials.

Additionally, we provide you with a one–hour answer–back time frame warranty, which means you will definitely get a response to your question as fast as possible. The normal reaction time frame is lower than 20 min’s.

24/7 Support