A few years ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an unquestionable front runner on the hosting marketplace. Its level of popularity grew so big that today cPanel is an analog of Control Panel. Nonetheless, the cPanel Control Panel is based on dated ideas and what worked great a few years ago is not actual presently.

This is exactly why, we engineered the Besthosting Control Panel, centered around the ideas of these days and geared up for the challenges of the future. It’s been developed to operate in the cloud, to be simple and to also let you control all aspects of your online presence: web site, domain name and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/invoicing/website settings

If you would like to maintain your domains, web sites and billing from a single area without having to use any other interfaces, the Besthosting Control Panel is definitely for you.

The cPanel Control Panel does not provide parallel handling of domains and web sites. You are given one payments panel for your domains and bills, and a separate Control Panel for your sites.

2. File Arrangement

With the Besthosting Control Panel, all of the domain names and subdomains will be separated from one another. Every single web site will have its very own folder segregated from the rest within the home directory of your website hosting account. You can quickly switch from working on one web site to managing another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have a single website hosting account for your primary website and in case you intend to have extra web sites in the very same web hosting account, they’ll be introduced as sub–folders of your primary site. This could make managing several websites very difficult.

3. File Manager

The Besthosting File Manager is made to function exactly like your PC file explorer. Offering characteristics like drag and drop file uploading, right–click context menus, archive/extract functions, and so on., it will make managing your files simple and fast. In addition, you’ll find an in–built WYSIWYG interface as well as a code editor.

The File Manager featured in the cPanel Control Panel has been revised a few times over time, however it still does not deliver decent results in comparison to other online data file administration instruments. You are unable to utilize a drag–and–drop capability to publish data files, the unarchiver could be unreliable from time to time and also the file editing interface is limited in options.

4. No–cost Add–ons

The Besthosting Control Panel is run by our company and features a big assortment of no–cost bonuses that will normally cost over $1000 USD with other businesses. You will get access to a huge selection of free of charge design themes, the Site Installer Tool, Application Installer, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Instruments, and so on.

The no–cost gifts packaged in the cPanel Control Panel can vary from nil to several. All of the free–of–cost add–ons in the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and are available provided that your web hosting company has bought a certification to provide them. So, if your host free–of–cost extras along with your plan, they will in fact add to the price of the plan.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Rates

The Besthosting Control Panel runs on our custom–built shared hosting plans. It is optimized to work on our setup of hardware parts and operate with our selection of software programs. This makes it perform faster as opposed to virtually any Control Panel solution out there. And it’s more secure as well.

The cPanel Control Panel is set up on a huge number of machines, running on a selection of software and hardware setups. However, its worldwide distribution results in significantly slower and less protected operation as compared with other site management interfaces that have been optimized for one system exclusively.

6. Multi–domain name Control

The Besthosting Control Panel helps you to easily manage an array of sites in addition to their domains from a single location. Each web site will have its very own unique directory in the main directory of your hosting account and will be totally separate from the rest. In this manner, you can use only one hosting account to handle as many domain names and sites as you need.

With cPanel, it is impossible to handle your domain names and your websites from just one area, as the two user interfaces are split up. You have to sign into 2 unique places every time you need to manage your domain settings and web site file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Menu

The Besthosting Control Panel is admittedly simple to get around. You’ll find a helpful top navigation bar, through which you may get to any section of the Control Panel, without the need to return to the homepage every time. Additionally, we have integrated a simple statistics widget on the home page, so any time you log in, you can have information of how many visitors have arrived at your site.

Inside the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the sole location that includes links to the various sections. In case you go inside a menu and wish to instantly switch to a different one, you will have to return to the main page and go further from there. This type of navigation can easily slow down your job when you want to efficiently perform several operations simultaneously.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

With the Besthosting Control Panel, we’ve designed an all–inclusive demo for you to have a look before signup. You’ll have access to an evaluation shared hosting plans account from where you’ll be able to create email accounts, deploy applications, create brand–new sub–domains, as well as build a website using one of the site builders, and so forth. If you like what you have created – you you’re able to sign up within the demo account and keep everything you have come up with so far.

The cPanel Control Panel is equipped with a simple demo account that doesn’t provide you with access to the primary website administration instruments you want to check. It’ll illustrate how a basic index page appears to be and you will have access to one or two of all available management options. The other areas will be turned off until you sign up.

Rather than just learning about the Besthosting Hosting Control Panel, you can easily explore our Live Demo and see yourself how straightforward website management may be.

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