Mailing list subscribers are persons that get bulk emails, including weekly or monthly newsletters. Based on the mailing list management software program that’s used to manage a certain mailing list, they may have signed up personally, expressing their approval to be part of the mailing list, or they may have been included manually. The latter means that they will de facto get unsolicited emails. Traditionally, member list subscribers can be managed by the mailing list moderator who can include or remove them, or they can manually unsubscribe if they do not wish to get emails in the future. All subscribers will always receive one and the same message on the condition that they are part of one and the same mailing list, but a single member will never be able to see the remaining mailing list subscribers in the "To" section of the email.

Mailing List Members in Shared Hosting

If you have a shared hosting plan on our advanced cloud hosting platform, you will be able to set up Internet mailing lists and to manage their subscribers effortlessly. We rely on a powerful app called Majordomo, which comes with heaps of features and it is hardly a surprise that it is one of the most widely used mailing list management software apps available on the marketplace. Including or deleting a subscriber is extremely easy – you simply need to send an email with a particular command in the message body to, which goes to say that you will not even need to log into the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In the very same way, you can also see all present members of any list that you set up. If you stumble upon any difficulties, you can read the instructional articles that we’ve included in the Email Manager section of the Control Panel or you can touch base with our help desk team, which is available to you 24-7-365.

Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Servers

Each semi-dedicated server that we are offering will enable you to create electronic mailing lists with as many subscribers as you want. The advanced Majordomo mailing list manager that we offer will grant you complete authority over your subscribers. You will be able to include and to delete members or to view a thorough list of all present mailing list members. The new ones will get a verification email and they will need to accept to join a given list and to receive emails in the future. You can manage the mailing lists that you have created and the mailing list subscribers from any location or device without the need to log into your Hepsia Control Panel – you simply have to send an email message to In case you’re unsure how to perform a certain task, you can always read the educational articles about Majordomo that will be available in your Control Panel.